Welcome to Lakeland Motel

Lakeland Motel has been in business since 1952, we're a small motel with clean and comfortable rooms for reasonable rates. The rooms are small with a northwoods feel that a lot of people expect from the area we call home, Ely Minnesota. The rates run from $50 to $120 per night depending on room size and the number of people. Please call us at 218-365-3330 for reservations or stop in and visit us.

Vacation time

Well, the permit process is now open for the summer. Time to get that permit and make reservations for the summer trip. We’re getting calls already, so call early. Still have some time for some good ice fishing too. Good reports coming in…


With the new year upon us now. Don’t forget to reserve that room for the summer trip. There is plenty of time for the dog sled trip or ice fishing yet. The lakes have around 12 to 14 inches of ice now. Trout…



Well, winter is here. Got about a foot of snow on the ground. Lakes are starting to ice over. Not safe for fishing yet, but soon. Temps have been good, teens to the thirtys so far. That’s about it for now. When the…


Winter is coming

Well, we’re set up for winter. Got two units open, two bedroom each. Let us know if you want a room for your dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling or cross country skiing trip.


Fall cleaning

Sorry, But we are closed down for fall cleaning and fixing. If you need a reservation, we will be open after Oct 15. Please call if we can help. Thank you.


Fall cleaning

Well, made it another year. We’ll be shut down for maintenance and cleaning.   Will reopen about Oct. 15. Thanks for a good year, and hope you will come back.


Nice weather, good fishing.

Well, Weather is cooling off, It’s nice, no bugs. Good fishing. 33″, 38″ and a 45 ” pike. And 24″ and 27″ walleyes. Color is coming on, just getting started. It’s going to be a real nice fall.


Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon fest coming this weekend. about 150 booths in the park. And lots of good food.  


Another good week fishing.

A 22inch, 7and 1/2 pound smallmouth. A 44inch, 19 pound northern. Another good week.


Fish and fun

A eight and half pound small mouth bass and a 41 in northern pike recorded this week. And the Blues fest is going on, town is full.