Welcome to Lakeland Motel

Lakeland Motel has been in business since 1952, we're a small motel with clean and comfortable rooms for reasonable rates. The rooms are small with a northwoods feel that a lot of people expect from the area we call home, Ely Minnesota. The rates run from $50 to $120 per night depending on room size and the number of people. Please call us at 218-365-3330 for reservations or stop in and visit us.

Another good week fishing.

A 22inch, 7and 1/2 pound smallmouth. A 44inch, 19 pound northern. Another good week.


Fish and fun

A eight and half pound small mouth bass and a 41 in northern pike recorded this week. And the Blues fest is going on, town is full.


Loony day

August 9th, Loony day , sidewalk sales and special deals downtown. Loon calling contest at the Chocolate Moose Deck.


Blueberry pie.

The wild blueberries are coming on. Lots a places to find them. And they are so good in a pie. Fresh fish and blueberry pie go good together. come on up.


Nice ones.

Some really nice fish are being caught and released, Like a 47 in. Pike and a 29 in. Walleye were returned back in Basswood Lake.


The fourth

Well, it’s almost the fourth of July. Lot’s of summer left. Weather has been good. Some pretty nice fish been recorded. Blueberry fest is coming up the end of July, Crafts of all kinds. It’ll be a nice summer.


Fishing is good.

There are some really nice reports and pictures coming in of very nice fish being caught. Warm days and cool nights, just right for camping. Come up and enjoy the Bwcaw.


Summer is here

The opener was a little cool, but warmer weather is coming. We’re getting reservations for the summer. Better call early to get the room you want. Some really nice fish are coming in. Plenty more out there. Call soon.



Well, winter is finally leaving,¬†summer will soon be here. Time to reserve that room for the summer trip. Fishing opener will come pretty quick. Better get the fishing poles ready, the rooms are.¬† Call early to get the room you want. Call anytime…